Indexed Visuals
Not your run-of-the-mill stock/portfolio service!

Not only does Indexed Visuals website expose artists & their work to over 35,000 world-wide buyers a month, now IV, once again leads the way by providing artists a turn-key mechanism for capitalizing on the lucrative consumer market of artist proofs, prints and customized merchandise. 

Due to their experience and interests, most of the commercial audience is marketable for IV-Art prints & gear.  Now buyers will be able to harness IV's ease-of-use to locate high quality prints and merchandise.  IV-Art is a turn-key operation  for artists to display and market:

  • Artist Prints

  • Signed Artists Proofs

  • Mouse pads

  • Mugs

  • Shirts

Are these products and services new?  
No, not really.  For years there have been organizations buying and licensing images from artists for exactly these purposes and capitalizing on the salability of beautiful imagery.  Why let others keep the lion-share of the revenues generated from the sale of your work.  Just like the rest of IV;  sell it yourself!  IV provides artists the tools, marketing and means to sell these products.

IV offers artists the best value around! Showcase your stock images, display your portfolio, and now, sell high-quality reprints and customized products.

For years other organizations have been licensing artists images and capitalizing on the salability of even the most technical of images to the consumer and professional.  Now Indexed Visuals brings artists the ability to participate and gain without sacrificing control of their images.  Best of all, for all current IV members, there is no up-front cost to participate*.  Whether you participate in IV-Stock (must be a participant of a 25 image pack or more) or IVFolio you qualify to list up to 10 images in the new IV-Art section.  Additional images can be listed for a small indexing charge. 

Sit back and Let Us Do the Work
Now that your images are online....sit back and relax, we take it from here.  IV manages all marketing of materials, production, administration, billing and order fulfillment.  

Signed Artists proofs are printed, then shipped to the artist for signing along with a pre-paid, pre-printed shipping label for sending the image off to the final recipient.

Fees & Pricing
All products are sold at a flat rate except Signed Artist Proofs. Artists can choose to set their own price, above a base rate, for the sale of their signed artist proofs.  Due to a variance in production and material costs, artists' profit margins change from product to product. Payment for sales of artist images are made to artists on a monthly basis.

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